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The Wired Campus article - students want to chat

October 13, 2008
Dear Professor, Students Want to Chat With You

When asked what kind of educational technology they wanted most, students—replete with iPods, laptops, and social-network pages on Facebook—say the thing they don’t have and wish for most is an online chat with their professors.

In a survey released today by CDW-G, the technology vendor, 39 percent of college students say they want regular online chats with faculty. The surveyors contacted 401 students to get this information.

The students are likely to be disappointed, according to the report. Only 23 percent of IT staff surveyed—there were 301 of them—said their campus offered that kind of electronic faculty-student contact.—Josh Fischman

Do any of you chat with your students? I have set up online office hours before, but more often than not spent the time surfing, emailing, or facebooking while waiting for students to contact me.