November 20, 2007

Online course developed at the U goes out to play

At the TEL workshop I attended a couple weeks ago, I heard about an online course on alcohol use and college life that was developed at the U and has since been used at other universities and colleges. Here are a couple links that tell you more:

Online Course on Alcohol And College Life Valuable to Students in Two University Systems

October 31, 2007

What will the classroom of the future look like?

Are we already there? When do we move from thinking online courses are signs of diploma mills, cursory, shallow, non-interactive to seeing them as new opportunities to learn in a technology-rich environment? Are you an online learner? Where is your classroom? Starbuck's? The mall? A park on a sunny afternoon? Your kitchen table as you sit in your pjs with a neverending free cup of coffee?

Classroom of the Future Is Virtually Anywhere
Published: October 31, 2007
There is no blackboard and no lectern, and, most glaringly, no students in the university classroom of the future.