Gender Roles

In class on Monday we discussed Emily Martin's "The Egg and the Sperm: How science has Constructed a Romance Based On stereotypical Male-Female Roles." As we were picking out the metaphors used for the female egg and the male sperm I began to think about why we have there gender roles. I believe that I've had these gender roles because of how I was brought up. At a young age we are constantly taught that boys wear pants, girls wear dresses. I was taught that boys are strong and girls should ask for help. Even today, when I'm at home and something needs to get fixed, I usually call my male neighbors over to help even though I'm pretty sure I could fix it myself. Disney movies have drilled into our brains that there are gender roles that we must follow. All Disney princesses have long flowing hair and always need rescuing from the tall hansom muscular prince. I tried to think of a Disney movie where the roles were reversed but I really can't think of any. I found a few youtube videos that made me laugh about these gender roles. The first is a video about the gender roles in Disney movies. The second one is an interview done with some kids about gender roles and the third video is one from the show Friends about the difference between men and women regarding their emotions. Even with our emotions we know that women are supposed to be loud and outspoken while men are supposed to keep them in. Why do we have these roles and why do we not change them up? I want to see a Disney movie that changes these gender roles.
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