This is my first blog and I am not technologically savvy by any means, so please bear with me. I am a non-traditional student in the quiet field of mortuary science. People are either quite curious about funeral service or they are utterly afraid of the subject. Some people confuse funeral service with forensics, but it is not that glamorous. Funeral directors are trained to prepare both the deceased and their loved ones for last rites. We help people during very dark times. I chose this major because I truly want to help bereaved people honor their loved ones.

I enjoy exercising, beading, my 2 cats, my new puppy, scary movies, Family Guy, The Office, painting, and drawing. I treat people the way I would like to be treated, and I strive to find the goodness in others. I'm afraid of space aliens, Carrot Top, Ronald McDonald, and ghosts. I am a member of the Women's Student Activist Center (WSAC) located at 202 Coffman Union, so feel free to stop in and hang out with some cool feminists.

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