Is menopause still a shame in the eyes of today's society?

It is commonly thought that menopause marks the end of womanhood or that womanliness dies during that fateful period of time. Is menopause still a shame in the eyes of today's society? Despite the advances in science and culture, menopause is viewed as a uterine-laden, character flaw, and this perspective gives rise to many shameful myths. A term such as, "the change of life", removes women from humanity itself, making females into useless beasts. Negative connotations tied to decreased libido, estrogen, and mood swings make middle-aged women out to be a burden that must be dismissed. It's as if a functioning uterus is the only redeemable quality in a woman.

For example: I had a hysterectomy at age 27 due to complicated circumstances, and I am often asked by both men and women about when I am going to bear a child. I usually reply, "I can't have kids, because I had a hysterectomy". They reply, "That's a shame". Then, I receive the standard barrage of menopausal questions like: "What did you do?" "What happened to your sex drive?" "Do you get mood swings?" "Do you get hot flashes?" "Do you feel like a woman still?" Now, these questions may seem audacious to a progressive mind, but they are alive and well. And for this, I believe that society still features menopause as a death sentence.

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