A global look at Gay teens

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In class this week we have discussed how we, as Americans, look at homosexuality. In the past homosexuality has been compared to a disease, an inevitability, and almost always negative. We have created homosexuality as a label the separates those that are outside of the cultural norm that we openly except. I feel that Freud's idea that everyone has gay tendencies added to homophobia by making straight men and women question their own sexuality for the first time. Our perception of homosexuals has shaped what we see on television and through out our culture. The universal view of homosexuality is changing. European media outlets have begun to fund commercials that support gay relationships and not just among adults but also among teens and adolescence. Sweden has been one of the countries behind the major push to put homosexuality on television and out in the open. A public support commercial was released through out Europe in support of homosexuality among teenagers. www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxqGOnvU6yI&NR=1. While watching this advertisement I found myself relying on stereotypes. Without knowing what the commercial is about it's easy to assume that the young boy is looking longingly at the girl. At the end when he extends his hand to the other boy no one looks alarmed or embarrassed. The link I included above is the American version of this commercial and while it has been airing in Europe for months we have yet to see it in the United States. How will this type of coverage effect American's perspective on same sex relationships?

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What a CUTE commercial.

Has this actually been aired here in the states? I feel like I've seen some positive commercials lately regarding LGBT issues and anti bullying ads (on MTV), so maybe we're warming up to positive advertising and commercials.

Unfortunatly, someone's always got something to say and I'm sure it will be a long time before seeing commercials like this becomes a regular routine on channel 4 or 11.

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