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Hi class!

During a discussion with a student today, I realized that creating a category specifically devoted to extending aspects of our classroom discussions beyond the classroom might be useful. Of course, the blog is intended to do just that, but the blog also has to discuss our readings with regard to pop artifacts. Instead, feel free to use this category as a location to speak up when you may have refrained in class, to write about things you've thought up long after we've finished a topic, or bring in questions, ideas--any extension, really--that you would have liked to have seen covered in class.

One of the things I lament about how the course is structured, both with regard to our very short class periods, as well as the way I designed our syllabus, is our lack of time for delving deeper into issues. I wanted the classroom experience and your readings to touch a variety of issues, to pique the interest of as many students as possible, as well as to demonstrate what a wide and varied field feminist science studies is. Yet of course we sacrifice deeper, more nuanced and analytical discussions in doing so. I hope you'll consider this and use the blog as well as your essays to delve further into issues you feel deserve more time and attention.


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