Is history repeating itself?


"Everybody's journey is individual. If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy. The fact that many Americans consider it a disease says more about them than it does about homosexuality."James Baldwin

Throughout the course of history, people have been treated differently for being different than the "normal" based on their race, gender, and sexuality. Today, there are laws that are enforced to protect people against such discrimination in public places. But when it comes to the society it all has to do with morality. The society determines what is "normal" or acceptable, and anyone who does not abide by it is "abnormal," is a "disgrace" to the community, and needs help. Like racism in the past, homosexuality is becoming an alarming subject worldwide. Like Baldwin's quote above, diagnosing sexuality as pathological abnormality points out the ignorance in society. Instead of accepting people as they are, the community discriminates against homosexual individuals. Teaching young children the role of gender brings them up to believe homosexuality is unacceptable; thus they grow up to be bullies in school at a young age. Teens and pre-teens have hard time finding themselves and fitting in without the addition of bulling. And when bullied, taking their lives is becoming their only alternative. But how long can this go on for? Will it really get better? Can the law really protect the homosexual community? Will homosexuality be accepted as natural, like race, and eventually learn to live with it peacefully?

I have attached two videos below. The first video titled The Storm is Gathering is an advertisement by the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-homosexual organization advocating heterosexual marriage.

This video is of actor Neil Patrick Harris' from MTV giving advice to the gay youth on the current teen suicide issue.


Your post and your videos made me think about all of the news stories we've seen about teens committing suicide because they were patronized for being homosexual. The most recent one being on a college campus, where being yourself is wanted and promoted to the max. "College is about finding yourself'. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that since I've been in college or even before. But since college is thought to be a time of finding yourself, why are certain people being scrutinized for it? I’ll admit, sometimes while sitting on the mall and people watching, the differences in people range greatly. I do have instant reactions, sometimes being taken a back or sometimes no reactions at all, but at the end of the day more power to the people who have their hair dyed pink and 18 piercings on their face or the openly homosexual or just out there people. I can never see myself doing that but I greatly respect the people that have the confidence to do so. My hopes are the more people express themselves, it wont be seen as being different but will be seen more of an expression and will be respected.

Its difficult to say whether homosexuality will ever be accepted, because people in today's society don't seem to realize that sexual categories are a socially constructed idea. Somerville traces the connection between race and homosexuality because they contain so many similarities in how society and science have manipulated them into what they are considered today. People have previously manipulated science to support blatantly untrue theories about inferior races and constructed the same biased opinions about human sexuality. Society has constructed so many beliefs over such a vast amount of time, that it is difficult to decipher the difference between natural and culturally constructed. There is no real scientific proof to support one universal form of the correct sexuality, and in my opinion there never will be. People have continuously constructed opinions to support their own beliefs on race, sexuality, and gender. Races have finally been accepted by the majority to be equal amongst each other, and it is my hope that soon enough homosexuality (for lack of a better word) will be quick to follow.

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