Male "Superiority"

Reading Sandra Harding's article I was drawn in particular to the line "How did it occur that a double day of work, one unpaid, was regarded as normal and desirable for women but not for men? How come women who were going through such expectable biological life-events as menstruation, birthing, or menopause were treated by the medical profession as if they were ill? What social processes made reasonable the belief that women made no contributions to human evolution?" It made me think of an article my mother showed me, and I'm sure someone out there has heard of. If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem. The article highlights how our society would be different if men were the ones that menstruated, namely how periods would be a desirable thing.
Together these articles made me think, where did it all start. I thought about Snow Brown's story and couldn't help but think, why white patriarchs? At what point did the female become inferior to males? If you think about it, men come from women in the sense that they were born from a uterus (traditionally held by females). In the Bible it reads that Eve came from Adam's rib, but then all life is thus produced from a female. If woman is supposedly descended from man, why not continue the trend had have men be the ones that produced offspring? If we pretend for a moment that the witch trials never happened, could it be possible that women would be dominate over men? Or does the "superiority" over women that men have a deeper root then that and how can we undo it?

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