Sandra Steingraber is Amazing

Sandra Steingraber is mentioned briefly in the article Viscous Porosity: Witnessing Katrina by Nancy Tuana. I read her book Living Downstream a few years ago in an ecofeminism course taught at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and encourage people to check her out. She is a trained scientist and writer and makes reading the material pretty enjoyable and super informative. She investigates the links of environmental toxins to particular cancers, and explains the physiological interactions as well as the social justice implications of such evidence and research.

Here is a clip of her speaking at speaking at the 2008 Bioneers Conference, an increasingly popular gathering of cutting edge science, technology, and environmental justice groups.

Towards the end, she states (more or less) that environmental destruction is in part because it is 'economics weighed against human health'. Either more broadly or in relation to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, how is economics driving social injustice and inequality?

Also, what do people think of her description of 'watchful waiting' and 'laying down plans and carrying on within the confines of ambiguity'? Or... (just 'cause I like it) 'our children are inextricably bound to the abiding ecology of this planet...which is worth everything I have'? Does this reflect/support the idea of viscous porosity?

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