Snow Brown the Sellout

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I really enjoyed reading Subramaniam's piece "Snow Brown and the Seven Detergents" because it got my mind racing about different things that this woman in the story reminded me of. She was so worried about making sure everybody was pleased with her and her image that she forgot why she even came to become a scientist in the first place. Minus the scientist part in the previous sentence, this makes me think of so many popular people in our time, including Flava Flav with his hit (if you consider it a hit) show on VH1, Ozzy Osbourne with his MTV shows and countless number of commercials, and who could forget Wayne Campbell on Wayne's World just to name a few.
I suppose you could argue that my examples were benefitted with loads of cash for what they did while Snow Brown only got the acceptance that she wanted, but I feel that the circumstances are different enough that it is close enough to compare the different situations. In both Snow Brown and Wayne's case, they realized what they had done after something bad had happened to open their eyes, and they tried to make up for it the best they could. I hope for the other two nothing terrible happens where they realized what they have done is not at all what they became famous for and therefore regret their decisions. Who knows though, maybe that would be a blessing in disguise so this doesn't happen with other stars that we have grown to love. The more I write about this, the more I think to myself if I would do it for all that cash and extra benefits that you would receive via selling out. I would hope I would have enough discipline to stay true to what I love and not let the greed get in my way, but I have never been in that situation so I guess I cannot say for sure. What about you? If you became famous for whatever your talent might be, would you sell out to do commercials and reality television for more publicity and money? I realize it is easy just to say no you would not, but think about everything that would come with being a sell out.

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To honestly answer your question, I would say yes to selling out. It all depends though for what and how far I must go in order to get it. Of course, both are over dramatized stories, but it is sad to think that the guts of these cases both come from something really happening in society. I know the United States is supposed to be a melting pot. I feel as Americans we want to keep this true, but with more people coming to America to achieve greatness, they have to melt into a mold of what was created decades ago. We may have many different types of people here, which are part of the "melting pot," but the acceptance that should go along with everyone coming together seems quite lacking. People sell out to fit in. People change who they are and hide their true selves in order to fit the mold we created.

However, to continue with your question. In order to achieve my goal in becoming a coroner and go to medical school. I will probably sell out. I want to be unique, but I also want to fit in with other people. Fitting in is something that many of us strive to do. We want to be liked. At least I know I do.

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