Tuana vs. Brokovich (in the public's eye, that is)

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My interest was piqued during Wednesday's discussion of Nancy Tuana's piece "Viscous Porosity: Witness Katrina" when somebody mentioned Erin Brockovich; other than the fact she was portrayed by Julia Roberts in a 2000 film of the same name, I knew little about her, so I decided to dive a little deeper. The case in which Brockovich is known for involves Pacific Gas and Electric Company hiding the knowledge that it was supplying drinking water contaminated with hexavalent chromium [aka chromium (IV)] to residents of southern California town of Hinkley. In the end, Brockovich played a critical role in helping those affected by water contamination received hundred of millions of dollars in settlement money.

Now, having been given a rough background of Brockovich, and assuming you have read Tuana's piece, I have two questions I would like to pose:

1. Who would be a better public role model for environmental justice, Nancy Tuana or Erin Brockovich? Keep in mind an overwhelming majority of Americans have little to known knowledge of environmental justice, let alone what it is.

2. If Brockovich had any commentary to give on "Viscous Porosity: Witnessing Katrina," what do you think she would say? Overall, would she tend to agree with Tuana's views or dispute them?


^The *real* Brokovich; she doesn't pull any punches.

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I believe that Erin Brockovich would be a better role model for environmental justice just on the basis of how she is much more well known than Nancy Tuana, thanks to the movie that was based off of her. In addition, she played a huge role in a million dollar settlement case were people were affected by contaminated water from a gas and electric company called Pacific Gas and Electric. Whereas I’m not sure if Nancy Tuana has taken any actions other than writing articles, which don’t get me wrong is still crucial because it informs people of the issue. The public would be more likely to pay attention to Erin Brockovich thus more likely to pay attention to the issue of environmental justice. Moreover, Nancy Tuana and Erin Brockovich would both be great role models for environmental justice when it comes down to it. They both care about the environment and environmental justice issues. I think Erin Brockovich would agree with Nancy Tuana and her views. She knows that certain races, genders, places and classes are unduly affected by environmental contamination. She saw how people in a town who were relatively poor weren’t particularly a concern of a big company.

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