Aliens or Friends?

In the 'Infections and Biofears' presentation on Wednesday the group discussed how invasive species were portrayed in a negative light and were believed to "take over" the environment they were introduced in, killing off or diminishing many of the the other organisms. A study has been done by Brown University on the Asian shore crab that 'invaded' the New Jersey shore. In this article, posted by Science Daily, researchers report that the Asian shore crab does not harm the other species, but they actually coexist very nicely. This is an example of one invasive species that did not conquer the native ecosystem, but instead has gotten along with the other species quite well. Normally when we hear about invasive species we hear about how they dominate the landscape at the expense of the other species and how they cause more harm than good. This study actually showed that instead of the crabs crowding out the natives, there was actually a higher number of native plants where the crabs were because they worked off eachother so well. This is just one example of the natives and invasives living together in harmony and working off of eachother. We can compare the invasive plants to immigration, and see that the rhetoric for both are very similar. Both are seen in a negative light by many. Many people believe that immigrants will come in and take away jobs, hurting the 'natives.' My question is, why aren't people looking at the situation in a more positive light? Why don't people see immigration as an opportunity to learn to coexist and thrive from each other? People need to see all the good being brought in by immigrants and stop focusing on negative aspects that aren't even true. Why are people stuck in this way of thought even though our nation was built by immigrants? Almost everyone can trace back their family line to the time when their ancestors came to the United States from a far away land. Isn't it time to learn to live in harmony with each other??

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