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Privacy has become a huge issue in the facebook world, or any social networking world. What I have come to question is where online privacy merges with the privacy we have in real life. It is that people put all this information about themselves onto an internet network- a world that has never-ending strings and links- and expect this information to only be shared with certain "friends" or "networks." However, as much as an individual wants control over their so-called "profile," that privacy cannot be promised since the internet has control over us users. For example, try "google-ing" yourself. As weird as it sounds I bet you will be extremely surprised by the results. Information posted by online newespapers, University postings, my facebook page all came up. No matter how "private" I set my profile on facebook, there are still mounds of information about myself that is out of my control. In fact, the non-virtual world has become effected by the internet. For instance, newspapers are no longer solely in paper form.

Dating sites are a great example of this merging of internet and reality. Taken further, the following site merges anonymous, virtual flirting to be translated into connections made in reality: Instead of connections being made in reality, a person can "flirt" online and discuss their thoughts about another person without this person even being aware. So I will ask again: Where does the line of virtual privacy cross into the area of true life privacy?

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