Lack of privacy or an endless resource of communication?

All of this virtual reality talk got me thinking a lot about Facebook and networking in general. I'm sure the majority of the people in the class have a Facebook and know what it is all about. I remember when I first got one at the end of my senior year in high school, you had to at least have a college email address to belong to a college network (correct me if I am wrong) and that was the only way you could sign up. No ones profile was visible unless you were friends with them, the privacy was defaulted to this. Now, with Facebook, any one can join and you have to set your own privacy, and it reminds me a lot of "Myspace" that was huge a couple years ago. Recently, they came out with a "new" look of Facebook and people can decide to update to that look. After updating, I then noticed that any comment I write on someones wall or status, is then posted on my wall showing exactly what I wrote. It used to just say that I commented or wrote something, but now it's shows my exact words. Granted, you can "X" that out, but when noticing this, I thought, "Really Facebook, in how many more ways can you invade my communication with one other person, without letting the whole world (or my friend community) know what I am doing?" Also, I have been noticing this "checking in" application where my friends can "check in" at places on Facebook and it shows me EXACTLY where they are (yes, a map is shown) and they can "tag" who they are with. I'm sorry, but I don't want people knowing where I am at 24-7 and who I am with. I really do not understand the concept of this whole "checking in" feature.

I can see how Facebook is great at communication and keeping in touch. I can see how it is great for networking and establishing relationships. What I don't see is how my every move made on Facebook and where I might be at is of any concern to my friend community. I feel like it provides people an alleyway for almost "stalking" me in general if they felt like it. I guess they don't call is "stalker feed" for nothing.
What do you all think? Is Facebook creating more problems for people or is it a great tool for communication?

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