Final Essay Guidelines

GWSS 3203W: Blood, Bodies & Science

Final Assignment: Exploration Essay

Due Wednesday December 15, 2010

-Explore the theoretical and historical underpinnings of any topic related to this course, within a context of feminist science studies
-The following resources must be discussed and cited:
1: Either Haraway's "Situated Knowledges" or "Cyborg Manifesto"
2: Two more required course readings
3: Two relevant blog entries (your own or someone else's)
4: At least one outside resource (journal article, book chapter, etc.)
-7-9 pages
-MLA formatting, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins, Bibliography
-You will briefly present your conclusions--informally--during our final week.
-Note change to syllabus: No essay drafts will be due November 24. You will submit one final, polished draft on December 15, our last day of class. Of course, as always, Diane and Michelle will be available to meet with you outside of class to discuss revisions & writing strategies.
-This project will be worth 30% (300) points of your final grade

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