February 17, 2005

Use email instead

Hi everyone,

It looks like email's the easier way to go for our group prep; so I'm going to end this blog, for now. :-)


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February 14, 2005

Hi; this is our blog

Hi everyone in my group for this Friday (2/18):
This is our blog for our group activity, working with Boal's Image Theatre techniques. On Monday night Wynfred and I decided to create an activity based on "Ritual Gesture" (pp. 193-198 in "Games for Actors & Non-Actors"). We found the notion of social codes & ritual movements interesting, and thought it would be a fruitful exploration within our class.
Since not everyone was able to be there Monday, we're setting up this blog so that we can all discuss the activity further, coming up with more specific details. Let's meet on Friday at 12:30 (let me know if this doesn't work for your schedule) in the pit to rehearse our facilitation.
Feel free in this blog to also post on facilitation techniques, since that will be part of what we present on.
Talk to you soon,
Laura :-)

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