August 11, 2005

Course 3 On-Campus Complete

Well everyone and no one... the on-campus portion of Course 3 is complete. Stick-to-it-iveness is tested while on campus, but the hell starts with the independent part of the model. The independent part starts in a couple of days.

Once again, my time here at the U with ISP has proven illuminating and engergizing, all the while, peppered with moments of panic in the face of the remaining journey. The mountain of work and lightbulb-moments ahead make my mouth water and my knees shake at the same time. Anything worth having...

The biggest thing on my mind is the Course 3 Project. Oddly enough, the approximately 600 pages we have to read and 4 papers we have to write over the next 16 weeks don't seem like a big deal. And hell, I'm just choosing to be in denial about my outstanding Course 2 paper and the impending research classtime and assignments. ISP has skewed me a little, no doubt.

What does seem like a big deal is this project. In the midst of all the work of the first 16 weeks, we need to create a project proposal. For the project proposal, I need to have the hypotheses, research questions, data, etc. defined and nearly ready to rock. Doable, but Ugh. The good new is, I will finally get to see how lovely Minnesota is in the winter.

I hope to chronicle some of my journey on this blog. I'm sure my fingers won't feel like typing any more than I will be typing on my papers, but who knows. Dr. Williams, Kelly, and I had a great conversation about our projects today, so I'm going to do some surfing and see if I can't follow up on some of the ideas.

So, to wrap up, Course 3 is going to be a trip. Who knows what's next, but the road to here has been well worth it. Sleep is overrated anyway.

Later. Travis.

Posted by gath0019 at August 11, 2005 4:14 PM