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scott griesbach

I chose to research the artist Scott Griesbach. He invents propagandistic intrigues with a familiar cast of characters. He uses digital images and juxtaposes those images with historical refrences such as Duchamp and his urinal, or Pollock and his paintings. Griesbach says of his work, "the work doesn't take a political stand. Rather it speaks to the course of social practice in the age of capitalism, advertising, and the co-opting of art and ideas by technology, the media, and the globalization of popular culture." He utilizes every opportunity that the digital age can give us to make art.

I really like Scott's work. I was drawn to his work because I thought his use of collage was strong and interesting to look at and think about. I like the humor found in his work, for one example, the juxtaposing of race horses and Pollock.

Here is a link to Scott's website, check it out