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T.V. Shows Influece Us

The average American household spends 8 hours a day in front of the television. It plays a big role in how we think and how we view the world. Without television many of us would not know what to do. Television is a form of media that has a great ability to influence. For many people, the main idea of watching TV is to obtain information about what is happening in the world. Due to television, people know about the political and economic situation of their own and other countries. We keep in touch with all places on the globe thanks to the information which is available on TV. We can also be sure that we will be the first to know about some changes or important events. This is what television was set up to do.
Now what I enjoy t.v. for is it's entertainment value. I enjoy show that can make me laugh while I sit back on my lazy boy. This is what I believe television has evolved into and is what makes it so popular. Some say television is a bad influence while others enjoy it for it's content value. I am here to show some clips of television that will make you laugh but also have some satire on public life.