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La façon dans lequelle l'environnement me change

Explore through image and text how the built environment affects (supports or
detracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena and

So, now on to exploring how the built environment affects who I am (or others).

First on to how the environment affects me and others from European countries, specifically France. While walking around European cities, you’ll notice that the only people wearing sweatpants, sports pants or shorts, t-shirts, super short shorts, and extremely revealing tops are the tourists, and more to the point, Americans.

americans in paris.jpg

There are of course tourists from other countries, sometimes in more traditional and stereotypical outfits but I will just concentrate on Americans verses Europeans. The Europeans dress much more sophisticated in generals than Americans; they blend into the surrounding building and landmarks.

people in paris1.jpg

It’s probably an unconscious thing starting from centuries ago with the kings, queens and the aristocracy when they would show off their luxury in any way they could. But this trend hasn’t changed much in the culture of Europeans. Their culture, from behavior to dress, stays in tune to the beautiful buildings that decorate their country. In this way their environment affects them. And also, just like within in almost any environment, the public joins the bandwagon, so even if there are those that would prefer to not wear or act in the more classy style of Europe, they would continue to do so because everyone else continues to. In this way the surrounding environment, the buildings and monuments and decorations etc affect the people frequenting these place and these people affect the new generations of people who are exposed this environment. It is a clockwork, a pattern that continues to repeat.

Paris shot

This ongoing repetition is present in the fashion world, obviously. The only reason I’m gong to bring this up is because Paris (France in general) whose environment I just explained above noticeably affected me. I went to France for a year with a suitcase containing mostly t-shirts, some nicer ones from say Fossil, a few soccer shorts, jeans and a handful of nicer shirts. I specifically remember one day walking around town with my host mom within the first month or so, wearing an every American day outfit of t-shirt, soccer shorts and cool soccer like shoes and realizing I would never dress publicly like that again while in France.

before france

Needless to say, I stuck to this decision and came back home after a year in France with only nice shirts and cute shoes in place of my t-shirts, now only used for working out and for lounging in solitude in my room.

during france

This constant flow of style, originating from the fashion capitals of Europe, Paris and Milan, has changed me and my mental framework of what I put on; and just to delve a little deeper into a subject I won’t broach on, it also changed how I eat and some other cultural aspects specific to France. And as lecture presented us with, this changing of what I deem appropriate to wear (framework) along with the continuously changing fashion (clockwork) creates the phenomena of fashion: what's appropriate and why/when it's popular.