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Ma réaction des présentation de deux groups

Goal 1 group:
One of the groups focused on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger in Bolivia. (As a side note this presentation really caught my interest since of my good friends studied abroad in Bolivia for a year). What was interesting is that Bolivia is having hunger problems even though they apparently have all the resources they need. Their organization and design methods they are currently using to address these problems however is not affective. The design proposals that they offered were really very interesting since they all were simple solutions that the people could easily take in order to improve life. One of the design solutions they proposed was having the chicken coups over a lake or some type of pool containing fish. The chicken manure would provide food for the fish and eliminate any cleaning of the cages or additional food for the fish. The fish and chicken would provide food sources for these people. What really caught my attention during this presentation was that this idea (and the others they proposed) would circulate to the other villages on its own since villagers from other villages would see this method and use it themselves. This process eliminates the need for money to spent on educating all the villages on how to organize this set up since word of mouth does the job.
I was really surprised at the simplicity of their proposals and it is reassuring to know that we don't need to spend load of money to reach these goals. Also the fact that these communities and people need to be able to sustain themselves is very important and I think that this group did a great job finding solutions to these problems. (this chicken coup above fish was a technique that is/was used in Thailand).

Goal 7 (one of the two groups):
One of the Goal 7 groups concentrated on Indai just like my group did, but they picked a specific city, Mumbai. It was interesting to see how they went about the same goal as I did. They had someone assigned to different aspects of Mumbai and pollution. One person worked on the slums in Mumbai of which 60% of the people live in but the slums only take up 6% of the land. Other areas of concentration included the corporations, water pollution (and hazardous wastes), government's connection to Mumbai in relation to environmental sustainability, and then general history of Mumbai along with backgroud on the development goal 7. The industries and large corporations caused a large portion of the pullution in Mumbai while the government hasn't take really any action or enforced any action that has been taken. A lot of the large corporations like coka cola have greatly contributed to the pollution but interestingly many have started becoming environmental friendly and they are acting as role models for other corporations and for the governement and citizens. Beside the ratio of people living in slums and the percentage of land that the slums take up in Mumbai, this last bit of information was the most interesting to me. Through my research I hadn't found any information on this subject, partly because I wasn't concentrating on that aspect. I wouldn't have though that those who contributed to the pullution would see their wrongs and begin to correct the mistakes.
I really like the presentation of this group as it was a movie/documentary. They all read off their information while different picture were shown and music played in the background. I would have liked to watch the entire film.