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Analyzing structure

We'll look at a story by CNN covering the plane crash in Buffalo, New York.

The lead tells us when and where the crash took place. It includes a death count, and what I assume is new information about the crash: the plane was rolling violently before impact. The next paragraph follows up information about the crash: "the 800-foot fall took five seconds." The following paragraphs provide details and extracted information from the report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

The news value of the story is to focus on the report from the National Transportation Safety Board on the crash. I don't feel like this is highlighted as strongly in the beginning of the story. It isn't written as hard news -- and I think that CNN tries to step away from hard news. As a reader, I'm a little lost. I don't think the most important part of the report was that the passengers probably experienced twice the normal force of gravity. That piece of information shouldn't have been included in the lead.

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