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Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails

A secret report from the International Committee of the Red Cross strongly implies that the Bush administration's treatment of Al-Qaeda captives "constitutes torture," violating the international law prohibiting torture and maltreatment of prisoners.

The 2007 report was an account of "alleged physical and psychological brutality inside CIA "black site" prisons and states that some U.S. practices amounted to 'cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,'" the Star Tribune reported. These practices of torture are strongly prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.

Many of the details of alleged mistreatment had been reported previously, but the ICRC report is the most authoritative account and the first to use the word "torture" in a legal context, The Washington Post reported.

"At least five copies of the report were shared with the CIA and top White House officials in 2007 but barred from public release by ICRC guidelines intended to preserve the humanitarian group's strict policy of neutrality in conflicts," the Star Tribune reported.

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