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First weekend adventures-
-hiked in cloud forest!
-swam in rio blanco at the bottom of a water fall
-saw a sloth
-had soooooooooo many different kinds of food and Juice I lost count
-bonded with the 20 other members of my program
-went to Catholic church in Quito...kneeled on marable floor
-learned the bus system with my host family for several hours
-saw griegolandia

After only 2 days of real class I have to say I think I'm really going to enjoy the "work" part of the program. All the professors "lecture" in Spanish for roughly 90min at a time and it ends up being more of a discussion, as they are more then happy to follow whatever tangents our questions create. They are all very good at explaining complex abstract issues using only pretty simple Spanish and gestured examples. Also in keeping with Ecuadorian culture there is an emphasis on group work! All our presentations and even some of our essays are to be done in groups, which should actually be a lot of fun. Since there are no tests in 2 of the 3 classes (grading is based on participation and essays) the "lectures" have this really casual feel as though... heaven forbid... we are actually learning for fun (or simply because the topics are interesting)?! The Spanish grammar class, which has a final test, seems to be the only class where there'll be regular homework that isn't reading.

My daily schedule
Since time is weird in Ecuador I'm just going to give you an idea of the order of events in my day... yes after a week I do have a schedule.
I wake really early here since my sleep schedule has yet to adapt and depending on the day I shower quickly and join my host-mom in the kitchen for breakfast. When finished I do my own dishes and pack my bag for the day and move fairly quickly to catch my carpool to CIMAS (class). At school we (theoretically) have two 90min classes with a 30min break between followed by an hour and a half lunch. The theoretically is there because we rarely start or end on time for anything, which is fine by me. Lunch is always a grand adventure as we are left to fend for ourselves and we get to explore our corner of Quito a bit. After lunch we have a 2 hour class and then my carpool takes me home, where I usually attempt to start my homework and talk with my host-sisters. When Genma gets home I help with dinner, if allowed, and after dinner we do the dishes. Between dinner and bedtime there tends to be some excursion; to visit my host-aunt down the block or to buy bread. Usually the last couple hours of the night are spent watching tv and since the girls have their own tv in their room and so does Genma, I usually ping back and forth. Onces everyone's in bed I stay up and type things like this, do homework and read my Bible before I try to go to sleep, which is proving difficult as I have yet to adjust to going to bed SO early and my body doesn't understand living on more than 6 hrs sleep.

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