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Off to Ecuador!!!
Fast Facts:

Who- Maddie Gehrig- Chippewa Falls resident, current undergrad at UM Morris, and now... World Traveler!!!

Where- I'm off to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador!

When- I leave Jan 16 and return to May 5

What- I'll be spending the first part of the semester (8 weeks) in Quito taking classes through my program, MSID (Minnesota Studies in International Development) then I'll spend the rest of my time working in an (unknown) internship position. I'll also be staying with (possibly) 2 host families over the semester.

So since I don't fly out for 7 hrs I'm going to take the time to fill you in on some thing people have been continuously asking me-
What do you bring to Ecuador?
-2 pairs of jeans
- pair of dress pants
-2 skirts
-sun dress
-sweat pants
-10 pairs of socks
-long sleeve shirt
-5 tshirts (1 for running)
-3 tank tops
-wind jacket
-rain jacket
-3 sweat shirts
-pair of sandals
-tennis shoes
And I promise I'm bringing underwear, but exact numbers would just be too much information.

-mac ibook (2005) w/ charger
-mini alarm clock
-head lamp
-water bottle
- leatherman
-sun screen
-wet wipes
-malaria pills
-other obvious toiletries that I don't need to list
(Another reason I made this list was for my own use so I can compare what I bring back and actually use. And hopefully it'll be of use to others who venture off to similar places)

I'm off to bed now. I fly out at 6:05AM and should reach Quito by 7:30PM (eastern time). Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this blog to fill you all in on the adventures I have.

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