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Triumph of the Nerds

There were two things that I found very interesting in the video we watched in class, “Triumph of the Nerds�.

The first thing was that there were as many people that missed out on enormous profits as there were that started their own companies and became multi-millionaires. I found it very depressing to hear about the guy that created the first personal company, MITS, has been working the last 20 years as a doctor instead of retiring incredibly rich. Likewise, the two men that wrote the software for the first spreadsheet totally missed out on huge profits when they decided not to patent VisiCalc. These two stories made it quite clear to me that, even with the write ideas and the right products, you can not always win in the technology field.

The other thing I started to realized was the similarities between Apple’s early dominance of the PC market and their current domination of the digital music player and distribution market. This video really reinforced my belief that, although Apple currently seems to have a stranglehold on this market, they may not hold on to it for too long. Apple seems to be great at innovation, but seem to like the correct business plans to continue to dominate markets over an extended period of time.