Rockies 4, Brewers 1

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The Colorado Rockies beat the Milwaukee Brewers Sunday, as Michael Cuddyer hit a two run double in the eighth inning to seal it, according to

Cuddyer, who signed with the Rockies in the offseason for three years and $31.5 million, went one for four with two RBIs and two strikeouts.

The double broke a 1-1 tie and gave reliever Fransisco Rodriguez (0-2) the loss.

"You have got to relish those opportunities," Cuddyer said. "It gives us confidence as a team."

Marco Scutaro and Troy Tulowitzki had two hits each for the Rockies who are now eight and seven this season.

The Brewers had just one run and four hits and lost their fifth home game already in 2012. Milwaukee had the best home record in the majors last season.

Wisconsin killing similar to Martin case

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Comparisons are being drawn between the killings of Trayvon Martin and Bo Morrisson, who was killed in Wisconsin after entering a stranger's home trying to evade police, according to the Star Tribune.

Morrisson, 20, was at a party next door before he entered the neighbor's porch, and was shot by a homeowner who believed he posed a threat.

The case has brought gun laws under fire from State Senator Chris Larson, who believes these cases have raised gun awareness. "What happened with Bo, what happened with Trayvon Martin -- the public is paying attention to this now," Larson said.

Legislation was passed recently in Wisconsin that removed restrictions on gun use. "There is a very large agenda at play here in Wisconsin on everything from guns to business tax breaks," said state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, a Democrat who opposed the bill.

"People are so confused, so paranoid if they guess wrong," Rep. Tony Cornish said. "They think 'Can you defend yourself or not?'"

Attacks on Syrian cities continue

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Opposition against the Syrian Government said Sunday that Homs was shelled, just a day after U.N. officials visited to observe the cease-fire, according to CNN.

19 people were killed across Syria Sunday, including six in Homs, and Syrian citizens voiced their concern.

"Today is the first day since two months ... Homs (is) without shelling," one man told the monitors Saturday. "When you come, shelling stops."

The cease-fire is showing signs of unraveling, according to CNN. "If there is not a sustained cessation of violence, full freedom of movement for U.N. personnel and rapid, meaningful progress on all other aspects of the six-point plan, then we must all conclude this mission has run its course," Rice said. "Our patience is exhausted," said Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

The Syrian Government said Sunday that a terrorist group attacked a train that was carrying food, wounding six.

Search for New York boy resumes

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Etan Patz, a 6-year-old boy from New York who went missing in 1979, was searched for Thursday in a basement of a SoHo building, according to

Authorities said they are looking for human remains or personal effects of Patz, who disappeared walking to school over three decades ago. "It's a very painstaking process," said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

Patz was officially declared dead in 2001, when the family filed a civil suit against Jose Antonio Ramos. Ramos is serving a 20-year sentence for molesting a different boy and will be released this year.

May 25, which was the day Patz went missing, was declared National Missing Children's Day by Ronald Reagan.

Investigators are looking into other suspects outside of Ramos, according to

The search was suspended Sunday around 2 p.m. for operational reasons, according to the FBI.

Two U.S. soldiers accusing rape

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Two U.S. Soldiers accused two different academies Friday of ignoring "rampant sexual harrassment," according to

Annie Kendzior and Karley Marquet filed the lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court in which they say the U.S. Military and Naval Academies failed to "prevent rapes and sexual assaults at the Naval Academy and West Point."

Marquet said one weekend in January of 2011 that an upperclassmen came into her room to talk, before persuading her to drink in his room. He then turned off the lights and raped her, according to Marquet.

Struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, Marquet told authorties because she didn't want it to happen to anyone else.

Kendzior also had too much to drink at a nearby off-campus party in the fall 2008, in which an upperclassman offered to her a place to stay. At the residence she said she was raped, according to CNN.

Taliban active with attacks

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A series of attacks in Afghanistan this spring have been credited to the Taliban, officials said Sunday.

The Taliban said the attacks that occurred in four Afghan cities were the beginning of a new spring offensive, according to CBS News.

Officials believe the attacks are probably in response to the burning of Qurans by U.S. troops and murders of 17 civilians by a U.S. soldier.

In a written statement the international forces commander, U.S. General John Allen said he was "enormously proud" of the Afghan response: "They were on scene immediately, well-led and well-coordinated."

Minneapolis Kmart to be removed

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Minneapolis resident Barry McReynolds is one of many that have wondered about the odd location of Kmart on Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue, according to the Star Tribune.

"I know they had a good reason, but nobody ever told me about it," he said about the location of the store.

The store provides low prices for nearby residents, but blocks off Nicollet with its large parking lot.

Mayor R.T. Rybak said in he would like for the new light rail to "(bust) right through the back of that Kmart."

City officials are exploring options regarding streetcars going up and down Nicollet to 46th Street, with another plan being the implementation of an Interstate 35W exit.

"There's a big box with an ocean of surface parking in front, which is not what any of us want in our neighborhood and commercial corridor," the Minneapolis director of transit development David Frank said.

Cardinals hammer Maholm, Cubs

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Matt Carpenter had five RBI Sunday against the Chicago Cubs, hitting a home-run and a triple for the St. Louis Cardinals, according to ESPN.

Carpenter, who has been filling in for injured Lance Berkman, went 4 for 5 and raised his average to over .400, according to ESPN. Berkman could be back Tuesday against the Reds.

The Cubs have now lost three in a row to St. Louis, as Paul Maholm (0-2) gave up six runs in four innings. Maholm has lost his last seven starts dating back to last July.

St. Louis scored multiple runs in four different innings, and the Cubs had just six hits as they dropped to 3-7 for the season.

Reed Johnson was the only Cub to get multiple hits in the game, going 2-4 with a sacrifice in the fifth inning.

Chicago will travel to Miami Tuesday in which Ryan Dempster (0-1) will face Josh Johnson (0-2).

U.N. presence in Syria begins

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U.N. monitors arrived in Syria Monday morning during a cease-fire that began Thursday, according to CNN.

A decision was made Saturday by the U.N. Security Council to send representatives to monitor the cease-fire.

There have been signs that the cease-fire is on the brink of collapsing, according to CNN, and the council means to send over 250 observers depending on the success of the initial group.

Opposition to the Syrian government reported Sunday that the city of Homs is still being attacked by helicopters, and 23 people died across Syria Sunday, according to the Local Coordination Committees of Syria.

The Syrian regime said it was "armed terrorists" who violated the cease-fire.

Five dead in Midwest tornadoes

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Five died including three children Saturday in a small Oklahoma town after a series of tornadoes ripped through the Midwest, according to ABC News.

The two daughters of Woodward, Okla. resident Frank Hobie died overnight, according to the Associated Press. They were aged 5 and 7.

There were 29 people that were treated at Woodward Regional Hospital after the storms, with injuries ranging from scrapes to more serious injuries.

A siren that was supposed to alarm Woodward citizens was knocked out by the storm, according to Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel.

There were over 100 reports of tornadoes throughout states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska, according to ABC News.

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