Violence in Syria suspends protection system

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The Arab League suspended its observer mission designed to protect Syrian civilians Saturday due to the increased violence between Syrian troops and rebel defectors.

According to reports, 62 people were killed Sunday in the cities of Damascus, Homs, and Hama. Syrian troops bombarded residential areas outside of Damascus, cutting off water and electricity supplies of the residents.

The mission has been suspended due to "the grave deterioration of the situation in Syria, and the continuation of violence and exchange of shelling and shooting," Bloomberg reported. Observers who were not in Damascus were relocated to the capital after the suspension, and some will be leaving the country. Those remaining in Syria will not be conducting missions, as travel and communication is limited.

International officials have asked for a transfer of power from President Bashar al-Assad to his vice president in response to the violent crackdown on anti-governmental groups. The government claims that terrorists are responsible for the increased violence, while rebel forces blame governmental action.

Specialist in Middle East security Paul Sullivan said, "The Syrian regime has little time left.. If it were not for Iranian and Russian help, Bashar would have been out already most likely."

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