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In the article titled "Car bomb kills 7 people in southern Afghan city" by the USA Today, they use attributions in many different ways. There are a total of nine attributions in the story, with sources including officials, police spokesmen, the U.N., and a Taliban spokesman. In this article the sources are the main part of the story because it starts with a report from Afghanistan stating what happened, then it covers reactions from both the police and the Taliban. The sources that were named were: Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, the commander of U.S./Nato forces in Afghanistan General John Allen, and deputy police chief Sayed Jahangir. The journalist in this article does a nice job of presenting both sides because when discussing the facts of the number of citizen deaths in 2011 it notes that the Taliban do not agree with the numbers.

Seperately, the attributions tell the story of the article. Without them we we not know background information about previous attacks and how the current attacks occurred. It is also important that the sources are ones that were either in Afghanistan at the time or are politically active in the area. It is very clear that the journalist covered all of the angles and provided all of the necessary information while setting up potential future articles by noting there are still investigations going on regarding the killing of an Afghan guard by an American soldier.

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