Attacks on Syrian cities continue

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Opposition against the Syrian Government said Sunday that Homs was shelled, just a day after U.N. officials visited to observe the cease-fire, according to CNN.

19 people were killed across Syria Sunday, including six in Homs, and Syrian citizens voiced their concern.

"Today is the first day since two months ... Homs (is) without shelling," one man told the monitors Saturday. "When you come, shelling stops."

The cease-fire is showing signs of unraveling, according to CNN. "If there is not a sustained cessation of violence, full freedom of movement for U.N. personnel and rapid, meaningful progress on all other aspects of the six-point plan, then we must all conclude this mission has run its course," Rice said. "Our patience is exhausted," said Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

The Syrian Government said Sunday that a terrorist group attacked a train that was carrying food, wounding six.

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