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7 dead in Afghanistan car bombing

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At least seven people died in Kandahar, Afghanistan Sunday after a car exploded just outside of police headquarters, according to The Associated Press.

Five police officers and two civilians were killed by the bomb and 19 others were injured, some of them children, reports said.

Government spokesman Zalmai Ayubi said the bomb was in a parked vehicle and was set off through a remote, shattering windows in nearby buildings, according to the USA Today.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, however a spokesman for the governor accused Taliban terrorists.

According to the USA Today, violence against Afghan civilians has risen, as over 3,000 civilians were killed in 2011, the highest total for one year in the Afghan war.

A separate incident in northern Afghanistan on Friday resulted from a misunderstanding between a U.S. soldier and an Afghan guard. The American thought the guard was about to attack him so he shot and killed him in the Sari Pul province, according to the Washington Post.

Deputy Police Chief Sayed Jahangir said the situation was an unfortunate misunderstanding, according to the USA Today.

"Our initial reports show that the American thought he was acting in self-defense," Jahangir said.

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