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Born to be Wild

If I was let go of the Architectural School program what would I do?

I would create a completely sustainable city. If money is no option.

I would like to design a city, that does not exist yet that would completely function on natural renewable resources. The city would be built in a circular or octogonal shape that will run entirely off, hydro wind and solar power. I would like to design the city in montana on the blue star.
montana map.jpg
Montana land is cheaper than most areas and you get much more land than elsewhere, also, Montana is underpopulated with many rivers and streams to provide access for hydropower plants and it contains mountain tops so that you can place wind turbines onto the jetstream to ensure maximum efficiency.

This city will focus more on the facts of connecting with nature, and will only allow major roads to drive around it and have a service road through it to just allow the ability to pick up trash and recycling and drop of people and groceries. No private parking will be available.

The city will contain many public transportation methods such as buses as well as subways/light rails

matrix subway.jpg

I would like to creat this type of city to get away from the major type of cities that we see today. I would like to focus more on environmentally sound buildings rather than buildings that dangerous to not only the environment but also to those people who occupy them

matrix get away.jpg

I am trying to ensure that our society does not end up like that in the robot city of the matrix, with the sun blocked completely out of other resources. We must stay clean and not pollute. I have attached a youtube video of the robot city. It also includes some sweet fight scenes. Fight scenes not necessary, just really cool. GET THEM NEO!!!

I'm out everyone. SWEET!!!

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