February 12, 2008

Sustainable ERROR

Minneapolis has many errors in the social design. Mostly the fact that there is very limited not motorized transportation within the inner city. Another error is the lack of parks and grassy noles that would allow people to play/ relax or spend time with their family and friends in. The City contains too many parking lots where if the planners had stacked parking rather than just paved over the park, more parks would remain. The picture below shows this design flaw of a parking lot, inside the city and it also shows an upside, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! We need to stride to step away from the inner city parking lots and move more into having people park outside the city and then proceed to take the public transit or bike
The city has begun to improve though with the production of the Light Rail. This promotes that more people would take this to the mall or airport instead of driving. There is a downside however, the LTR has so little of spots compared to the vast area of the cities that we would need much more rails to be able to accomodate everyone's needs.

The LTR runs on electricity which has much less CO2 Emissions that combustion engines and we NEED to see MORE of this kind of transportation. The City has gotten off the ground and began the first steps in learning how to walk. But it's going to need much more encouragement and help, and will probably fall on its butt a few more times before it is running around in full swing of this more environmentally sound idea.