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Hi all!

I created this blog so that my family and freinds can follow my adventures while I'm off traveling for the next several months.  I leave October 9th for New Mexico and then I will fly into Mexico City on Nov 1st...just in time for Day of the Dead!  I will stay in Mexico City until January 2nd when I will be moving to Oaxaca, Mexico to participate in a Child Family Health International program for a month.  From there, my plans are open, but I would like to make it down to Central America.  Wish me luck : )


Hi Therese - I'm wishing you the best of all things while you're on this adventure - will look forward to reading your blog as days move forward. Best to you and travelling mercies.


Hey Duder!

I had A BLAST with you on Sat! Way to go out with a BaNG in good 'ol MN! I will miss you! Hurry back- and you haven't even left! hehe!

You know you are welcome to come over to my place tomorrow for the Pack game- yes, I may cry.. but, you have already seen that! ;) I love the blog idea. I look forward to reading of your adventures! :)

Love Always,
Katie C

Looks fantastic and like so much fun! I'm so glad you get to have this experience. :)

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