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Last Chance to Donate

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First off wanted to let you know this is the last chance to donate for anyone who hasnt and wants to, to my Child Family Health International fund, as my final payment is due in a couple weeks. Go to to find out more about my public health service learning program in January in Oaxaca, Mexico and to donate. Thanks, anything helps!

So the end of my trip in New Mexico went out with a bang. I got to go to a great Flamenco dance show and went on the world's longest areil tram ride for an amazing view and some snow.

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I got to celebrate Halloween by dressing up with my couisn and then going to a party with my aunt that included live music and dancing! 

After an uneventful flight I arrived in Mexico City for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. My cousins took me to walk around downtown in the Zocalo (main plaza) where there were altars set up and people dressed up as death and skeletons.  We also went to see the alebrijes.  Alebrijes are monster like creatures that are made out of paper mache and then painted with brilliant colors. They are usually smaller figures, but for this exibit there were dozens of huge ones lining one of the main boulevards.

I Have already done so many things during my time here. My relatives have been amazingly kind and taken be around to do many fun things. I am staying at my uncles house, but frequent my other aunts houses regularly for comida (the main meal of the day around 3 pm) and just to hang out.  I have been to some markets and parks, my couisns and aunts have taken me out to eat at some fabulous places.  Oh my gosh....the food here is sooo delicious and fresh. I have been able to try many new things to eat, like tacos al pastor (a staple food here in mexico that you can get an almost every street corner, its seasoned meat is cut off a big skewer, it looks really scary, but I found out it is quite tasty).  When I go to the food market there are all these things that I dont recognized so I will buy a new fruit or something to try each time. 

As far as my spanish, I am making a valient effort, but most things are still over my head, especailly in social setting where people start to talk really fast and use slang, like at a party. I just take my cue from others when to laugh, haha.  There werent enough students to make a class at the local university that I had planned on attending, so I now have a private tutor.  He is a nephew of my uncle on the other side of the family and he comes over most mornings to tutor me, or take me on field trips.

Mexico City is a city of contrast.  Their is so much wealth yet devestating poverty.  Walking the streets I am bombarded at one moment by gross sewage smells, and then the next by the most delicious aromas of mexican food.  The streets are dirty but filled with brilliant colored buildings and houses and lushiously green parks.  This city is filled with so much culture and activity and I am really enjoying experiencing it all!

This weekend I am off to Valle de Bravo with some of my cousins, its a town a couple hours away that is beautiful, and I canĀ“t wait!

Until next time.....

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