Life in the Time of H1N1

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Hola everyboby,

Its been awhile, Ive been keeping busy here enjoying the green and sun and dong many things.  I went away for a weekend to Valle de Bravo with my cousins. It was lovely and here is a link to the picture from that weekend.

My health has been pretty good.  No one I know here has had any problems with H1N1, not that I know that many people here though haha! I did find it interesting that when we went into the National Palace they took a thermal reading of every person that come in to make sure that they didnt have a fever before they could enter and gave us all hand sanitizer. And my aunt who works as a teacher said they also take a thermal reading of every child when they come to school each day and send them home if they have a fever.  I had some stomach ache issues for a little while, but I am over that now.  I figure I was just getting adjusted to the new bacteria that my stomach is being exposed to. 

I just turned in another grad school application this week, one more to go this month and I will be done applying for the year!  I have been to downtown to see the National Palace that has some of Diego Riveras most famous murals on the walls depicting Mexicos history. 022.JPG I have been able to go to La Academia (Mexicos version of American favorite!!) twice now.  Both times sitting front and center of the audience.  I might be embarassed to be on national television, but since I dont know many people here, Im not : ).  But they really put on a show, there are dancers and elaborate costumes, live animals on stage and fireworks, smoke, everything, they even made it rain for one number.  Its so much fun to be there cheering!  and I get to go again this weekend for the third time.  The contestants are going to start recognizng me and thinking Im a creepy super fan haha : ) I went with my uncles wifes aunt (who also happened to be my dads kindergarden teacher ....cute!) to volunteer with her at the childrens hospital here. It was very interesting to see what a hospital here is like. 'Most of the volunteers are older women who are all very sweet to me and give me great Spanish practice!  

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family here at my aunts house and got to video skype my family in Minnesota. It was kind of hard for me because it was my first time ever to be away for from them for thanksgiving! so I was feeling homesick, but I have lots of family here to love me so its okay : ).   My dad and brother just got into town this week so its nice to have them around.  therese 006.jpg Peter, an old friend of my fathers, is also in town and we have been hanging out with him. We have been going to lots of museums and walking around the town.   At the Museum of Anthropology, there are many cool things like the stone aztec calender and one of the creepy sacrificial altars of the aztecs, that they had used to take out the hearts of millions of people. 

Below is a website to see more pictures I have added from Mexico City

Hope everyone is doing great too! Have a good week....

until next time



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