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Hi hi!! I've been having so much fun that I have been putting off writing my blog.  Hmm where do I start?  So I did my week in the clinic with an alternative physician.  She was really great to work with.  She has studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture in China and herbalism in Spain.  I am definitely going to remember the tender way that she talked to her patients and the tenderness that she touched them with. Some of my duties at that clinic included taking the needles out after an acupuncture session and also taking blood pressure and applying herbs on to the body.

The last week of my Child Family Health International program was at CRIT, (Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón) a center  for handicapped children in Oaxaca. They have several CRITs in major cities around Mexico and try to build a new one every year from funds that they raise in a major telethon every December.  But they are still pretty far in between if you don't live in a major city.  One mom that I saw had traveled 8 hours with her daughter to come to CRIT for appointments for the day. Anyway the Crit facilities are amazing.  Beautiful, clean, latest technology, the staff where I worked with were all really good with the kids and really compassionate.  They have all types of physical therapy including a huge pool for therapy, occupational therapy, dentists, art therapy, psychiatrists, sports therapy, mechanical therapy with machines that I don't understand , electrotherapy, all types of physicians etc etc...  all specialized to work with handicapped children.  I have really been noticing based on the clinics that I have been to, the technology and standards of sanitation are a lot lower I think mostly because they don't have the resources, but CRIT was right up there with the best centers Ive seen in the US!  I spent my time there working in the nursing station.  I took a lot of vitals signs on patients which was really good for practicing my numbers in Spanish.  Im really glad I got to do this program, I have learned so much about the health care system here and got a chance to know Oaxaca which I love more and more each day!

This last week I moved out of my host family's house and into an apartment to stay here for another month or so, I am renting from a friend of my host moms, who is cutting me a deal.  I am continuing with Spanish lessons twice a week with my amazing teacher and have been volunteering at an organization called Oaxaca Street Children.  They are an organization that provides kindergarten for the kids that would otherwise probably be working on the street . They serve lunch to up to 80 children per day, provide medical care when they have a nurse or doctor available and a center for support.  They also set up sponsorships for people to financial support children though high school.  I have been doing anything from going through the clinic to check for expired medications, helping kids with their homework, translating thank you  letter from Spanish to English from the child to their sponsors  or helping in the office.

I also had a really cool experience this last week.  One of the guys I worked with in the nursing station at CRIT is also a paramedic for the Mexican Red Cross in the nights.  So he took me to work the other night.  I got to follow the doctors for a while in the urgency area, then got to go to part of a paramedic's student class and got to ride around Oaxaca in the ambulance with the paramedics all night when they got a call.  It was really interesting and exciting!

 I am still dancing away, have made a couple new friends. My Spanish is improving, but not without several embarrassing mistakes and miscommunications per day haha.  My aunt Lili and her husband came to visit me last weekend, so that was fun!  I've been taking pictures, just haven't been to a computer that will let me download them onto the internet yet!  I will go to an internet café soon.  Hope all is well with everyone!

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