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Just Another Day in Paradise

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Trying to start where I left off . . . 

My second month in Oaxaca went by very quickly.  I went in to Volunteer at Oaxaca Street Children everyday for a few hours.  I met lots of cool people there because there were many travelers that volunteered on there way through Oaxaca!  I was proud of myself for living on my own for a month, but I think I've had enough of that for now. It was pretty lonely at night.  I battled a stomach thing for about a week.  Hopefully the last time for a while, but I took some antibiotics and that cleared up.

 Some highlights from this last month:  I went on an amazing trip to Heirve el Agua, which is a place that has natural springs and petrified waterfalls.  It was beautiful. I went with my friend Gandhi to meet a local artist who makes Mexican folkloric art out of "garbage". She is so creative and her artwork is really cool.  We got to go to her house and see her studio and talk to her all about her art and experiences. My other friend took me to the pueblo of his grandmother and the nearby towns.  I got to spend time at her ranch and we went to a Mezcal house to see how it is made and then taste different kinds.  We went strawberry eating, um I mean picking haha ....yum! I took a couple more dancing lessons. I am loving Latin dance more and more.  I went to the Santo Domingo museum and also a tour of the Ethnobotanical gardens there.  Santo Domingo is this absolutly beautiful, huge catholic church, I went a little overboard wth pictures, but the plants and views were just breathtaking! I got rejected from the U of Minnesota Masters of Nursing program (okay that's a lowlight). Which I was pretty sad about . . . but, I got accepted to the U of M masters in Public Health program in the Environmental Health program. I havent made a for sure decision because I still have to hear from some more schools and think about it, but I am excited about this program, so I think I will be starting my Masters degree next fall!!

After my months rent was over, I wanted to stay in Oaxaca for a few more days and a few Germans that also volunteer at the Center with me kindly offered their couch futon at their house to me.  So I was couch surfing this last week and have offically moved into my backpack, which required donating some clothes of mine and storing a few others at my old host family´s house.  I was sad to leave Oaxaca because of the great friends (especially Carlos) that I have aquired there, but also ready to get out and see more of Mexico. So on Friday morning Carlos and I headed to the coast.  Carlos has a glass/window company that he had some work to do for in the coast area, so it worked out perfect for getting a ride there.  We spent some time in a few coastal towns, Rio Grande and Salina Cruz where his jobs were and also where he has some relatives.  Then we spent a whole day in Huatulco, it's the most commerical part of the coast here probably and also the most beautiful.  And then we spent a couple days in Puerto Excondido, which is where I stayed, and am now.  Puerto Escondido is cheaper and is known for being one of the best spots to surf!  I just checked into my hostel early this morning and then spent a couple hours watching the ocean and the surfers.  The coastal area is beautiful, it's exteremly hot, and I am very happy to be here!  I am also lucky to have a friend from California who I met and really hit if off with in Oaxaca who is doing a program here in Puerto Escondido this month. So I´m sure we will be spending a lot of time together.  I'm not sure how long I am going to stay here becuase I want to check out some other areas of the coast, but I will keep you all posted!

Here are pics from Oaxaca and a few from the beach so far,

enjoy, like I said, there are  A LOT!!

Til next time....

love from the beach


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