April 26, 2007

The Ideas of November Fifth Coalition: Discussion with International Students

Discussion with Professor Harry Boyte and other international students on the ideas of November Fifth Coalition. We are likely to discuss the images of "superhero" candidates in our countries and reflect on how people make decisions when they participate (or do not participate) in elections in our countries.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 1, 12:45pm-1:45pm
WHERE: Room 173, Humphrey Center
WHO: You and other international students (please, forward)

Please, look at this web site for more information.

It will be great if you can also forward this info to other international students who might be willing to join us for this conversation. I know that time is scarce at this time of the year, but we believe that your input would make a difference. Thank you, and see you then!

Organized by the Global Policy Forum and the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, University of Minnesota.

"In today's elections, most candidates present themselves as superheroes who will solve our problems if we elect them and denounce their opponents as potential disasters. Voters often pretend to believe this, treating elections as a consumer choice about who can deliver the goods. For the future of our country, this distortion has to change."
November Fifth Coalition

April 22, 2007

Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is considered to be one of the severest violations of Human Rights. It is also one of the most profitable criminal activities and a main source of funding for international terrorism. The contemporary growth of human trafficking is one of the consequences of globalization, therefore the issue of combating human trafficking demands efforts from all the international community.

International Fellows:
lknur Altuntas (Turkey) and Fedor Sinitsyn (Russia)
Where: HHH room 215
When: Thursday 26, 12.45-2pm.

Sponsored by PASA Diversity Committee and Global Policy Forum. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.

(from Wikipedia)

The Face of Human Trafficking.

Terrorism and Human Rights in India

INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUES SERIES: Terrorism and Human Rights in India

According to the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, India suffered more fatalities due to terrorism in 2005 than any other nation but Iraq. The U.S. State Department also reports that India endures hundreds of terrorist attacks every year.

International Fellow: Pankaj Saxena
Where: HHH room 215
When: Monday 23, 12.45-2pm.

Sponsored by PASA Diversity Committee and Global Policy Forum. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.

(from Wikipedia)

Kashmir is only one reason for of terrorism in India.

Economic recovery in Southern Sudan

INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUES SERIES: Economic recovery in Southern Sudan

Twenty years of civil war has resulted in enormous consequences for the
people of southern Sudan. Two million people have died and another 4
million have been displaced. Economic infrastructure has been destroyed or
damaged and commercial activity severely disrupted. During the transition
from war to peace, it is important that people are able to rebuild
livelihoods and return to communities where there is the economic
infrastructure to facilitate recovery.

Speaker: Greg Olson
Where: HHH room 186
When: Thursday, April 19, 1-2pm.

Sponsored by PASA Diversity Committee and Global Policy Forum. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.


Greg Olson gave us a quick but quite deep glimpse of Southern Sudan and the activities of numerous international organizations there.


Rumbek, "a future London" is one of the most difficult places to live in.
Lack of canalization and good roads make humanitarian missions a challenge.
Paradoxically, you can buy pizzas for no less than 10$ there.


And our great public :)

Human Rights and Governance Issues in Africa


INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUES SERIES: Human Rights and Governance Issues in Africa

This is a unique opportunity to meet, listen and discuss with Humphrey Fellows, who are international experienced
professionals who are visiting the institute for one year.
First presentation is this Monday!!

Who: International fellows Abou Moumoumini Moussa (Benin) and Arnold Tsunga
Where: HHH room 215
When: Monday 16, 2.15-3.15pm FREE PIZZA!!

Sponsored by Global Policy Forum and PASA Diversity Committee. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.

Some pictures from the event:


Arnold Tsunga explains the human rights situation in Zimbabwe.


Abou Moumoumini Moussa and Arnold Tsunga believe that violations of human rights in Africa are a problem to all countries because their activities in Africa affect the situation there directly and indirectly.

March 23, 2007

Glocalization comes to U (Tea with Fidel Castro)

Hello all,

Humphrey Institute alumni Patrick Mendis will present his book Glocalization: The Human Side of Globalization as if the Washington Consensus Mattered, and will also discuss the importance of being published for a career in the public sector and international affairs. Please join us for an interesting presentation in Freeman Commons (Room 205) at the Humphrey Center on Friday, March 30th.

9:30am - Patrick Mendis would speak about his career, the importance of being published, and his book Glocalization.
10:15am - Q&A
10:30am - Book signing

What about the tea with Fidel Castro? Follow this link , and come to the meeting to learn more.

See you there!

More information about the book:
The essays are original analyzes and first-hand observations of global forces operating in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With a historical framework of globalization and freedom, the author, who taught at the University of Pittsburgh's Semester at Sea Program, critically explores the influence of U.S. foreign policies and American values that has affected these countries where freedom prevails. For example, the author argues with Fidel Castro and his worldview on freedom and human security while a unique process of glocalization takes place in Cuba. With illustrative maps and photos, the distinctive interdisciplinary analysis presents vivid faces of the human side of globalization as it interplays with local communities. The book is about free enterprise and political freedom as the new American influence through the Washington Consensus – the “Trinity of Washington? and its “Ten Commandments? – continues with unintended consequences by glocalizing every society and each of us.

Location of Humphrey Center and Nearest Parking

Book information and tsunami scholarships

Information about Patrick Mendis in the Who's Who of Asian Americans

Organized by the Global Policy Forum (Culture Corps Series of Presentations), PASA, and the Humphrey Career Center.

February 14, 2007

The Bush Administration vs. the American Public

The Bush Administration vs. the American Public on issues of Multilateralism and Cooperation

Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale and Professor Benjamin Page, Northwestern University

Thursday, February 22, 2007
10:00am – 11:30am
Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey Center
301 19^th Ave S., Minneapolis
Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

President Bush, his senior advisers, and some foreign policy specialists have advocated a unilateral approach to foreign policy. Americans, however, have long supported a multilateral approach to foreign policy that relies on collaboration with the United Nations and other countries.

Ben Page, Gordon S. Fulcher Professor of Decision Making in the Political Science Department at Northwestern University, will discuss the growing gap between the Bush Administration and the American public on issues of foreign policy. He will be joined by former Vice President Walter F. Mondale. Dean Brian Atwood will moderate.

The Center for the Study of Politics and Governance works to develop practical solutions to pressing political and policy challenges. CSPG provides non-partisan research and forums to foster more effective and efficient governance, increase the transparency of government processes, and rebuild public trust in order to counteract negative influences that threaten our democracy.

The event is free and open to the public.

To request disability accommodations, please call 612-625-2530 or email cspg (at) umn.edu.

February 12, 2007

Welcome the Year of the Boar!

Want to learn more about the Chinese New Year Holiday? Let's welcome the Year of the Boar together!

Please, join the Global Policy Forum for an informal discussion with Yujie Bao, a second year MPP student at the Humphrey Institute about the Chinese New Year Holiday. All Chinese and non-Chinese students are welcome!

WHAT: Discussion about the Chinese New Year Holiday
WHEN: Feb 15 (Thursday), 12:45pm - 2pm
WHERE: 173 Stassen Room, Humphrey Center.

See you all there! We will try to provide some Chinese dish too :)

February 1, 2007

Brown Bag Lunch of the Global Policy Forum

Please, join us for an informal brown bag lunch of the Global Policy Forum and learn how you can meet interesting people from around the world, share interesting ideas on foreign policy and global issues, and improve your presentation skills.

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb 6th (12pm - 12.45pm)
WHERE: Jernberg Lounge, Humphrey Center
WHO: You
WHAT: Informal Brown Bag Lunch of the Global Policy Forum

Cannot make it? Please, send me an e-mail, post on our blog, or we can meet when it is convenient for you. Other issues, ideas, concerns are also very welcome.

Global Policy Forum is an informal organization of students at the University of Minnesota (mostly from the Humphrey Institute) who are interested in global issues. We meet on a regular basis and share our experience about living and working abroad. We also talk about internships, different countries, present some interesting research and ideas on global issues; or chat about blogging and how to get the newsfeeds that we need :)

Participation in the Global Policy Forum is a great opportunity to gain organization and presentation experience. There is no formal structure, no president or secretary (like PASA), so everyone with ideas and enthusiasm is very welcome in the way that you see yourself. We also have a blog, so feel free to post your ideas (just send me an e-mail to grant you rights if you don't receive our newsletter, a little formality against spam:). Finally, we have had great cooperation with the Humphrey Institute Fellows, PASA Diversity Committee, HHH Career Office, the MPA Program, so it's a great networking experience. If you have interesting ideas, you can also get funding for your Global Policy Forum project on international issues through the ISSS. And this is only part of the fun.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, 12pm in Jernberg!


Who is Corrupt in China?

WHEN: Tuesday February 6, 12:45 - 2:00 pm
WHERE: 170 HHH - Stassen Room, West Bank Campus
WHO: Professor Yijiang Wang, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
WHAT: Workshop on Global Policy: Who is Corrupt in China?

In many reports China is now ranked one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Who in China is corrupt and to what extent? In this quantitative study Professor Wang finds that age, gender, level of education, location and sector of work, rank in governmental hierarchy, etc., are all factors determining the likelihood and degree of corruption. The broad spectrum of determinants have a common link, however: Greater unchecked power and control of resources lead to increased likelihood and more severe corruption.

Organized by the Freeman Center for International Economic Policy, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. All are welcome! Beverages will be served

January 19, 2007

Funding for International Internships

Going to Botswana for an internship in the summer? Geneva, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, or Tegucigalpa (where is this?).

Please join us for a presentation on Funding for International Internships Presentations.

WHO: Rebecca Freeman, Jordan Deckenbach, Valerie Legrand, Matthew Dufresne (2006 Judd Fellows from the Humphrey Institute); Meaka Henningsten, Karen Brown (Office for International Programs)

WHAT: Funding for International Internships Presentations
WHERE: Humphrey Center Room 186
WHEN: Wednesday, January 24th, 1pm – 2.15pm

Humphrey Institute 2006 Judd fellows will share their experiences from international internships and the Judd Fellowship program. Meaka and Karen will talk about OIP and its funding opportunities for international internships and other international activities. Do not miss this event! See you there!

Open to students university-wide. Refreshments will be served.

Organized by the Global Policy Forum and the Humphrey Institute Office of Career Services.

Trade and Tensions

Global Policy Seminar/Workshop Series
of the Freeman Center at the Humphrey Institute presents:

WHO: Professor Daniel Gifford, The Law School, University of Minnesota
WHAT: Trade and Tensions (among Trading Partners)
WHEN: Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 12:45 - 2:00 pm
WHERE: 170 HHH - Stassen Room,UofM West Bank Campus, Humphrey Institute

This talk, based on the research for Professor Gifford’s recent Robert E. Hudec article, looks at several issues in which prevailing mixtures of culture, law and economics generate problematic outcomes and generate tensions among trading partners: import surges and safeguards; industrial policy issues; inconsistent competition policies; issues at the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust law; strategic trade policy issues; and disagreements over the role of economics.

January 4, 2007

Conflict Resolution on Global Issues

Interested in gaining insight about responses to conflict from around the world?

Conflict as opportunity is one of the main purposes behind a newly developed network entitled "Global Citizens for Conflict Resolution." This group's mission is to facilitate discussion between people with diverse backgrounds about the challenges and opportunities of conflict resolution. Our current mailing list includes professors, mediators, lawyers, nonprofit organizations, international fellows, and students...we hope our membership and learning grow exponentially in 2007.

Accordingly, we invite you to join us for our 2007 Kick-Off where we will enjoy a potluck meal, provocative dialogue, and guest speaker Barbara Raye, MBA! Ms. Raye is Founder and Executive Director of Center for Policy, Planning & Performance (www.effective.org), and Executive Administrator for the Victim-Offender Mediation Association. Her consulting firm has offices in St. Paul, Romania and Kenya. In addition, she is a practitioner of mediation, providing training nationally and internationally, as well as an author on collaboration, ethical use of power, effective change agents, and cultural, racial and gender bias in the North American mediation model.

January 17, 2007 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Luxton Community Center
112 SE Williams Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414

This location is on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota. It is easily accessible by Bus Routes 16 or 50. There is also plenty of free parking.

Free! But please bring a favorite food or dessert to share.
For more information, please contact Josh Moore or Michelle Mosner at gccr.mn@gmail.com. If you would rather speak with someone by phone, please call Josh at 763.561.0033 (Community Mediation Services) or Michelle at 651.592.8859. Thank you for your time and interest. We sincerely hope to see you on January 17th.

Global Citizens for Conflict Resolution
gccr.mn (at) gmail.com

December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It has been an exciting time for me, and I hope that 2007 will bring all of us health, dreams that come true (and new ones) and, of course, a lot of nice presents :)
See you in 2007!

Funding for International Internships from the University of Minnesota

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Bulgaria! I hope that you are having a great time during the break. Here is some information about funding for international internships from the University of Minnesota. I am not sure that It was available last year, and it seems like a great opportunity:

OIP International Internship Awards
Deadline noon on Jan. 29, 2007

This all-University international internship competition supports current University of Minnesota graduate and professional degree students undertaking international internships. Awards will be up to $5,000 and are intended to underwrite travel and living expenses incurred in internships abroad.

* Guidelines (PDF)
* Application (PDF)
* Budget proposal (PDF)
* Recommendation cover sheet (PDF)

Good luck!