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Brown Bag Lunch of the Global Policy Forum

Please, join us for an informal brown bag lunch of the Global Policy Forum and learn how you can meet interesting people from around the world, share interesting ideas on foreign policy and global issues, and improve your presentation skills.

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb 6th (12pm - 12.45pm)
WHERE: Jernberg Lounge, Humphrey Center
WHO: You
WHAT: Informal Brown Bag Lunch of the Global Policy Forum

Cannot make it? Please, send me an e-mail, post on our blog, or we can meet when it is convenient for you. Other issues, ideas, concerns are also very welcome.

Global Policy Forum is an informal organization of students at the University of Minnesota (mostly from the Humphrey Institute) who are interested in global issues. We meet on a regular basis and share our experience about living and working abroad. We also talk about internships, different countries, present some interesting research and ideas on global issues; or chat about blogging and how to get the newsfeeds that we need :)

Participation in the Global Policy Forum is a great opportunity to gain organization and presentation experience. There is no formal structure, no president or secretary (like PASA), so everyone with ideas and enthusiasm is very welcome in the way that you see yourself. We also have a blog, so feel free to post your ideas (just send me an e-mail to grant you rights if you don't receive our newsletter, a little formality against spam:). Finally, we have had great cooperation with the Humphrey Institute Fellows, PASA Diversity Committee, HHH Career Office, the MPA Program, so it's a great networking experience. If you have interesting ideas, you can also get funding for your Global Policy Forum project on international issues through the ISSS. And this is only part of the fun.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, 12pm in Jernberg!