April 26, 2007

The Ideas of November Fifth Coalition: Discussion with International Students

Discussion with Professor Harry Boyte and other international students on the ideas of November Fifth Coalition. We are likely to discuss the images of "superhero" candidates in our countries and reflect on how people make decisions when they participate (or do not participate) in elections in our countries.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 1, 12:45pm-1:45pm
WHERE: Room 173, Humphrey Center
WHO: You and other international students (please, forward)

Please, look at this web site for more information.

It will be great if you can also forward this info to other international students who might be willing to join us for this conversation. I know that time is scarce at this time of the year, but we believe that your input would make a difference. Thank you, and see you then!

Organized by the Global Policy Forum and the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, University of Minnesota.

"In today's elections, most candidates present themselves as superheroes who will solve our problems if we elect them and denounce their opponents as potential disasters. Voters often pretend to believe this, treating elections as a consumer choice about who can deliver the goods. For the future of our country, this distortion has to change."
November Fifth Coalition

April 22, 2007

Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is considered to be one of the severest violations of Human Rights. It is also one of the most profitable criminal activities and a main source of funding for international terrorism. The contemporary growth of human trafficking is one of the consequences of globalization, therefore the issue of combating human trafficking demands efforts from all the international community.

International Fellows:
lknur Altuntas (Turkey) and Fedor Sinitsyn (Russia)
Where: HHH room 215
When: Thursday 26, 12.45-2pm.

Sponsored by PASA Diversity Committee and Global Policy Forum. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.

(from Wikipedia)

The Face of Human Trafficking.

Terrorism and Human Rights in India

INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUES SERIES: Terrorism and Human Rights in India

According to the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, India suffered more fatalities due to terrorism in 2005 than any other nation but Iraq. The U.S. State Department also reports that India endures hundreds of terrorist attacks every year.

International Fellow: Pankaj Saxena
Where: HHH room 215
When: Monday 23, 12.45-2pm.

Sponsored by PASA Diversity Committee and Global Policy Forum. Support by the Culture Corps Program, ISSS.

(from Wikipedia)

Kashmir is only one reason for of terrorism in India.

October 4, 2006

Beer with Steve Andreasen

WHAT: Beer with Steve Andreasen
WHEN: (Almost) every Thursday at around 9pm (after the National Security class)
WHERE: Town Hall, or where the Hump night is (you can come at 8.30pm at HHH35, and we can go from there)
WHO: You and others with interest in global issues, and mainly national security.

Note that this event is not sure, since Steve might decide something else for a particular Thursday. However, he usually joins Humphrey students after the class.
More info about Steve can be found here or... in Town Hall :)