October 4, 2006

How to post a message (details)

I am still not very sure if everyone knows how to post messages here, so I will just post some short steps:

1. Go to the UMN blog web site:
2. Log in with your UMN ID and password
3. You should see the Global Policy Forum blog at your front page if you are in the list of authors for the blog (if you cannot see it, just send me an e-mail)
4. Choose New Entry, and there we are :) Please, do not forget to choose the category of your message. You can upload files, and create new categories (check the existing ones first, though, thanks :)
5. Click on Preview (to preview your post), and save to post it on the blog
6. You can review and make changes your posts later too - just click on Entries on your front page (after logging in).


September 30, 2006

How can I post messages in the blog?

I have allowed all people who had contacted me rights to post messages, so just send me an e-mail (geno0015 at with your UofM ID, and I will add you. The rest should be easy :)

Where can I post ideas about events/meetings?

Please, post ideas about meetings, events, activities in the Ideas (What should we do) category. Thanks :)

Some hints on how to use the blog

Hi everyone,

This is an attempt to make a blog for the Global Policy Society/Forum (we should decide about the name:), where we can exchange ideas about various global issues. It is intended primarily (but not only) for students in the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Minnesota

Here are some kind of guidelines that it might be worth following by all of us. I have seen most of them in other blogs, and they tend to make the usage of the blog more efficient and easy to work with. Please add your comments and proposals!

1. Please, read the FAQs before asking questions about the usage of the blog. Your question might already have been answered :)

2. There are three basic ways to post information on the blog - (1) make a new category and post a new entry there, (2) post a new entry in an existing category, or (3) post a comment to an already existing entry.

3. Please, attach the respective category, when you post your entry.

4. Please, do not create new categories if there are similar existing ones that correspond with the topic of your message. It makes the blog much easier to follow.

5. Be aware of copyright issues when you share information. It is your personal responsibility.

6. In your postings, write e-mail addresses in the form: name at, where at represents @. In this way, web site scanning programs cannot read them and use them to send spam e-mails.

7. Avoid language that you would not use when you participate in real life conversations.

Well, that's all I can think up now. Please, leave suggestions and let's make this blog a lively, interesting, and entertaining (virtual) place.