October 16, 2006

Global Policy Capstone

Hey everyone,

Please, send a letter to Natalie Hoover at hoove071 at if you would like to have a Global Policy capstone here at Humphrey. The Global Policy capstone would allow us to work on a practical project on Global issues with a local organization here in Minnesota. I guess that such a capstone can be a substitute for a professional paper upon graduation.

More information about HHH capstones can be found here.

Here is the letter from Natalie:

Dear all--

Some students have brought it to the attention of the Curriculum Committee that the Humphrey does not currently offer a capstone for students with a concentration in global policy.

In order to bring this to the attention of the administration I need to know how many students would be interested in taking a capstone with a global policy focus and what kinds of ideas you might have. The reason one has not been offered in the past is because it requires a client. While this might require us to be creative, it is not impossible.

Please let me know if you would be interested in a global policy capstone by sending me the following information:

Global Policy Interest:
Semester you would want take it:

This in no way means that we will suddenly have a GP Capstone; however, your ideas help us lobby the faculty curriculum committee.

If you have specific ideas, please let Genko or myself know by Wednesday, October 18.



October 4, 2006

Informal Lunch on Oct 4 (Wed)

Hello everyone,
We had a very interesting and productive informal lunch today with Kathryn, Gulia, and Kristie.
We have a wonderful poster now (thank you, Gulia!) in Jernberg, where we will post the next Global Policy Forum events (lunch, meeting, talk, etc.)
Yes, Global Policy Forum – this is our new name. We thought that it was better than Global Policy Society, so this would be our name at least for a while :)

Here are some other thoughts and ideas, please send comments:
1. Please, spread the word! All students/faculty/staff/ who would like to share experience and ideas about foreign countries and global issues are welcome. Just send me an e-mail, and I will try to accommodate it in the schedule (you too).
2. We will try to have a calendar of events (I will try to post our next week event by Friday on the previous week, so that we can plan)
3. We will try to make our meetings about 1 hour long.
4. Our “formal? meetings would be more like informal talks about subjects that we are interested in.
5. We will try to invite people (professors, staff, etc.) for our informal lunches (evenings) from time to time. In this way, we would be able to talk and discuss very informally with people you would like to meet in such setting. Please, send proposals :)
6. Talks and presenting people would be grouped by country and issues. For example, we can have a presentation for Egypt by students who have worked there, studied there, and lived there. In this way, more insights about the country (issue) would be shared.

Please, add comments and other ideas :) I will post info about our event next week by Friday.

September 30, 2006

First meeting - Genko Genov and Gulnara Minnigaleeva talk about their Internships in Geneva

New name, Internships in Geneva, Ideas!

First meeting for Fall 2006 was on Sep 27 (Wed) in HHH 25.
There were some first year (welcome!) and second year students, and pizza :)

First, we started with a short movie about Geneva, and then Genko and Gulia made short presentations about their experiences in Geneva this summer.

It seemed to me that the most interesting issue was our experience and advice how students can find internships in international organizations like the UN, WHO, WTO, etc.
I have uploaded my presentation in the International Internships category. You can ask me more question there :)

Finally, we discussed what Foreign Policy Society should be, and there are several ideas that we came upon:
1. We should change the name of the organization - there were two proposals - Global Policy Society or Global Policy Forum. Please, give your ideas in the Let's decide together! category of the blog :)

2. We should meet at least once a week. If "formal" presentations or other events cannot be organized, we can go together to lunch, or have a drink after the classes. The time of the next meeting can be decided in the previous week (and is flexible), but most meetings will be on Wednesday (12.45 - 2pm), so that people can plan in advance. Please, give us your opinion about the time of the meetings in the voting section (so far, most people sent me e-mails about Wed 12.45-2pm :)

3. We should make a poster about us, and put it in Jernberg or Room 40. We can make it in our next meeting. We can advertise the time and place of our meetings within this poster. In this way, everyone will know where to find us.

4. You are welcome to join us, give ideas, and make presentations!.. Just send an e-mail, or make a post here :)