September 30, 2006

Time of Regular Meetings

Please, share your ideas about when we should meet this semester:

Current preferred regular meeting time:
Wednesday (12.45pm - 2pm).

Note: Meeting on Oct 4th will be earlier (11.30am - 12.40pm)

Proposals so far:

a/ Wednesday (12.45 - 2pm) - most people are ok so far, we will try to organize presentations, if not, we can go to lunch together, or we can go out in some of the evenings
b/ Wednesday (11.30 - 12.45pm) - could possibly also work. Some first year students start a class in this time slot from Oct 30.

Please, give new ideas or support by commenting on this entry. No deadline. I will change the entry when we decide something else.

Ideas About New Name

Please, give ideas for a new name of Foreign Policy Society. We think that we should change the name of our group, and there are two proposals so far:

a/ Global Policy Society
b/ Global Policy Forum

Please, give more ideas by commenting on this entry. Ideas will be collected by Oct 4th (Wednesday), and then we will vote.
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