March 23, 2007

Glocalization comes to U (Tea with Fidel Castro)

Hello all,

Humphrey Institute alumni Patrick Mendis will present his book Glocalization: The Human Side of Globalization as if the Washington Consensus Mattered, and will also discuss the importance of being published for a career in the public sector and international affairs. Please join us for an interesting presentation in Freeman Commons (Room 205) at the Humphrey Center on Friday, March 30th.

9:30am - Patrick Mendis would speak about his career, the importance of being published, and his book Glocalization.
10:15am - Q&A
10:30am - Book signing

What about the tea with Fidel Castro? Follow this link , and come to the meeting to learn more.

See you there!

More information about the book:
The essays are original analyzes and first-hand observations of global forces operating in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With a historical framework of globalization and freedom, the author, who taught at the University of Pittsburgh's Semester at Sea Program, critically explores the influence of U.S. foreign policies and American values that has affected these countries where freedom prevails. For example, the author argues with Fidel Castro and his worldview on freedom and human security while a unique process of glocalization takes place in Cuba. With illustrative maps and photos, the distinctive interdisciplinary analysis presents vivid faces of the human side of globalization as it interplays with local communities. The book is about free enterprise and political freedom as the new American influence through the Washington Consensus – the “Trinity of Washington? and its “Ten Commandments? – continues with unintended consequences by glocalizing every society and each of us.

Location of Humphrey Center and Nearest Parking

Book information and tsunami scholarships

Information about Patrick Mendis in the Who's Who of Asian Americans

Organized by the Global Policy Forum (Culture Corps Series of Presentations), PASA, and the Humphrey Career Center.

January 19, 2007

Funding for International Internships

Going to Botswana for an internship in the summer? Geneva, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, or Tegucigalpa (where is this?).

Please join us for a presentation on Funding for International Internships Presentations.

WHO: Rebecca Freeman, Jordan Deckenbach, Valerie Legrand, Matthew Dufresne (2006 Judd Fellows from the Humphrey Institute); Meaka Henningsten, Karen Brown (Office for International Programs)

WHAT: Funding for International Internships Presentations
WHERE: Humphrey Center Room 186
WHEN: Wednesday, January 24th, 1pm – 2.15pm

Humphrey Institute 2006 Judd fellows will share their experiences from international internships and the Judd Fellowship program. Meaka and Karen will talk about OIP and its funding opportunities for international internships and other international activities. Do not miss this event! See you there!

Open to students university-wide. Refreshments will be served.

Organized by the Global Policy Forum and the Humphrey Institute Office of Career Services.

December 29, 2006

Funding for International Internships from the University of Minnesota

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Bulgaria! I hope that you are having a great time during the break. Here is some information about funding for international internships from the University of Minnesota. I am not sure that It was available last year, and it seems like a great opportunity:

OIP International Internship Awards
Deadline noon on Jan. 29, 2007

This all-University international internship competition supports current University of Minnesota graduate and professional degree students undertaking international internships. Awards will be up to $5,000 and are intended to underwrite travel and living expenses incurred in internships abroad.

* Guidelines (PDF)
* Application (PDF)
* Budget proposal (PDF)
* Recommendation cover sheet (PDF)

Good luck!

September 30, 2006

Internship Geneva '06

Here is my presentation from our first meeting this semester. It is about my internship in Geneva this summer. I had very short time to make it, so I guess there will be many questions (please ask them as comments to the entry)... About the pictures... when we see each other :)
I guess that Gulia might also post her presentation next week.

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