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Globalization and Friends

I feel as though globalization has numerous benefits and some drawbacks.
Benefits obviously include more people being more connected. Connectivity is one of the cornerstones of globalization. It's essentially the spread and connectedness of production, communication, and technologies across the world (word for word from the notes). That being said, each of those terms (production, communication, and technology) have experienced dramatic changes and immense advancement over the past decade. The newest phases of technology allow us to interact with people all across the world on a level that has never before been experienced so easily. YouTube videos can be viewed by people in Europe and Asia and Australia in addition to the United States and Canada.
However, globalization can be seen from the negative side as well. In my opinion, the idea of having politics market-driven seems like a shallow judgment from people that couldn't comprehend big politics in the first place. So, if Barack Obama can't fix the economy back to the way it was, he failed as the 44th President of the United States? I don't follow. I realize that our economic status is a huge part of what's going on right now, but I think there's plenty more that he can accomplish too.
I was also fascinated by the idea of "corporatization" in terms of recreational facilities. I was always aware of them, but never really stopped to think about them in that way until now. Even off the top of my head, I can name a bunch of recreational facilities that are sponsored by corporations: Target Center, TCF Bank Stadium, Coors Field, Staples Center...are just a few. Nearly every professional basketball center is corporately sponsored. Even in the near future, with the construction of Target Field, the future home of the Minnesota Twins, we'll continually see these arenas popping up everywhere with a great big ol' corporate logo on the side. Most, if not all, of the other major arenas are named after some type of important historical figure or contributor. The "Hubert H Humphrey" Metrodome, Williams Arena, Mariucci Arena...there are many more.
Basically it just sparked my interest as to how strong of a grip corporations have on landmarks all over. Naomi Klein's whole scene was very interesting as well.