Prospective students entering as part of the Fall 2015 cohort will have the opportunity to apply directly to the PhD program without first attaining a Master's degree. More details here.

Kate Derickson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Society, has been awarded the Junior McKnight Land-Grant Professorship. This
two-year award is designed to advance the careers of exceptional junior faculty.

Kate is an urban political economist working with the intersections of feminist epistemology, racialization and political economy. Particularly she is interested in understanding how academic scholarship can resource historically marginalized communities.

Congratulations Kate!

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A map for the day!

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Professor Nikhil Anand honored

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Nikhil Anand was awarded the Junior Scholar Award by the Anthropology and Environment Society of the American Anthropological Association for his forthcoming paper "Leaky States: Water Audits, Ignorance and the Politics of Infrastructure in Mumbai" which is to be published in the highly regarded journal Public Culture.

The award is presented to early-career scholars, for the purpose of encouraging talented junior scholars to continue working in the domain of anthropology and environment by recognizing their exemplary scholarship.
Congratulations Nikhil!

Sarah Elwood confirmed as Brown Day speaker 2015

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Sarah Elwood, Professor of Geography at the University of Washington, will be the speaker at Brown Day, May 1, 2015.

Professor Elwood received her PhD from the Geography Department at UMN in 2000. She currently is the co-director of the Relational Poverty Network and is conducting comparative research on middle class poverty politics in mixed income residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and Seattle.

More information about the Annual Brown Day events are forthcoming.

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Sara Nelson has been awarded the Thomas H. Shevlin Fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year. This award will fund her research project: The Nature of Value: Building the Ecosystem Service Industry. The fact that Sara received the award in this university-wide competition speaks volumes about her work.

Local News story: U of M Helps Map Ebola Treatment

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This story, featuring Geography's PhD student, Brittany Krzyzanowski, as the primary RA in working with the School of Nursing for U-Spatial, recently aired on KSTP's news report.

Welcome New GES Faculty Members!

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The Department of Geography, Environment and Society welcomes its newest faculty members, Assistant Professors Nikhil Anand and Daniel Griffin.


Nikhil Anand theorizes the dynamic social and environmental processes that form cities and states in the global South. Drawing on new approaches in urban geography, cultural anthropology and political ecology, his current project focuses on the production and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructures, and the social and environmental relations that they entail. Framed by popular and scholarly anxieties about the burgeoning cities of the global South on one hand, and the uncertain futures of water resources on the other, his recently submitted book manuscript, Infrapolitics: The Social Life of Water in Mumbai, is an ethnographic account of how urban water is made, moved, and subsequently delivered to marginalized residents in one of the world's largest cities. His new research follows water to new locations to theorize the political work of uncertainty and disgust in everyday life. He plans to teach courses on cities and urbanization, political ecology, the developmental state, and infrastructure.


Daniel Griffin is a biophysical geographer with interests in climate science, water resource issues, environmental dynamics and natural areas conservation. His research is largely focused on paleoclimatology, which is the study of natural climate variability from environmental proxy data. Dan is a field scientist with over fifteen years of experience developing and interpreting tree-ring records. He is now the third Geography faculty member at the UMN Center for Dendrochronology. Dan's current work is focused on hydroclimatic change and variability in places like California, the American Southwest, and Guatemala. A recipient of the NOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship, Dan was previously appointed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Dan is now affiliated with the University Honors Program , and is currently teaching an honors freshman course in biogeography. In coming semesters, Dan plans to offer upper-division courses in climatology and conservation of natural resources.

Please extend your Congratulations to Michael Southwell, a Geography-Spanish/Portuguese double major and our very own Geography Peer Advisor!


Michael Southwell was awarded the prestigious Foreign Language & Advanced Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. The FLAS Fellowship will support Michael's advanced study of the Portuguese language and further study of Southern Africa.

For more information about the FLAS fellowship program:

Welcome to the new GES graduate students

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