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Bruce Braun promoted to Full Professor

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As announced at the May 16th Departmental meeting, Associate Professor Bruce Braun has been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations to Bruce!

Professor Braun recently completed an edited volume (with Sarah Whatmore) entitled Political Matter: Technoscience, Democracy and Public Life, which has been nominated for the ASA's Don K Price Award for books on Science, Technology and Environmental Politics. His current research follows several streams simultaneously. The first explores 'forms of life' constituted in and through sustainable city projects, with a focus on the 'production of subjectivity' (i.e. habits, dispositions, desires) and the political technologies devised to bring these about. A second, related, project focuses on notions of 'resilience' and ideas of nature and society found therein. Finally, a third tries to understand these shifts within their historical context.

Please join us in congratulating Bruce!

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