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Unborn Child Dead After Father Beats Mother

Without any apparent motive, a 20-year-old man attacked his pregnant girlfriend Sunday morning, beating her so badly she miscarried the 12-week-old fetus she was carrying.

Ramsey County prosecutors Tuesday charged Scott with third-degree assault of Namrata Ceisel, 18, and with second-degree murder of an unborn child.

What makes this story even more strange is that the man, Dino Michael Scott, commited the act in an elevator in plain view of a security camera.

According to the criminal complaint, at about 7 a.m. Sunday, the couple entered an elevator at an apartment complex in Maplewood where Scott's father lives. Then Scott smirks at and points to the camera. "He then begins to violently assault Ms. Ceisel...For 20 seconds, he continually punches and kicks Ms. Ceisel until she appears to be knocked unconscious. Mr. Scott can be seen dragging Ms. Ceisel's limp body off of the elevator by one arm." Moments later, Scott reappears and wipes the blood from the walls.

The criminal complaint filed says nothing about a motive for the beating.